Phone number

+7 (928) 279-00-33


+7 (928) 279-00-33

Phone number

+7 (928) 279-00-33


+7 (928) 279-00-33
Mailboxes for apartment buildings
and business centers
HÖGER MailBox - Stainless steel, aluminum and brass mailboxes, available to order from the catalogue or custom-made for any construction project.
What do we offer?
Type of metal and color


Steel grid/mirror

Gold grid/mirror




Laser engraving


3-dimensional numbers

Laser cross-cutting


Armored MDF

Enamelled MDF

Solid wood framing

Metal framing

Mailbox stand

Mailbox options

We are a group of professionals who specialize in stainless steel and decorative metals. This knowledge and our skills in design and architecture have helped us complete over 30 major design projects in 7 years of being on the market.

We provide design solutions for office buildings, apartment complexes, restaurants, hotels, universities, medical facilities, parks and other recreational areas, as well as private homes.

Our design solutions are unique and fit every client’s individual requirements.

Projects in design demand thinking outside the box, creativity, and most importantly, knowledge of technical processes and possibilities of different materials.

All these aspects define our company as a unique tool for turning design ideas into reality.

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